Sunday, June 27, 2010

Baumanometer Wall Blood Pressure Unit

Baumanometer Wall Blood Pressure Unit
Baumanometer Wall Unit #33 with Wall Basket is finished in a good-looking textured enamel. Our blood pressure meter has a swivel type instrument for wall mounting and it swivels over a 110 degree arc. The BP monitor's standard color is  cream with a medium blue adult cuff.
  • Includes the 8 foot Extendex tubing and inflation system holder
  • Swivel type instrument for wall mounting
  • Manometer swivels through 100 degree arc
  • 300 mmHg calibration
  • Adult size cuff is blue
  • Standard color is cream
  • Finished in textured enamel

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Burdick Vision Holter Analysis System...

Burdick Vision Holter Analysis System...
For practices performing routine Holter monitoring, the Burdick Vision Holter System from Cardiac Science provides a practical, no-nonsense cardiac diagnostic tool ideal for today’s tightly managed health care environment. This highly accurate and easy-to-use system is available in a variety of configurations at a price even small practices can afford.


  • A variety of software configurations to find the one that best meets your needs.
  • The QuickStep Wizard testing guide to walk you through the process of analyzing Holter system data.
  • Optional diagnostic and communication tools to expand Vision functionality.
  • Collect and analyze up to 48 hours of 3-channel portable ECG recordings.
  • Optional remote mode to download and review cardiac data anytime, anywhere.


  • Ease of use. QuickStep wizard provides a practical guide at every step of the analysis.
  • Accuracy. MIT and AHA studies prove Vision software is 99.95% accurate.
  • Connectivity. Opt for industry-standard HL7 to enable communication between Vision Premier and various information systems including the suite of HeartCentrix data management solutions from Cardiac Science.
  • Customizable. You can expand Vision as needed – add optional heart rate variability, pacemaker analysis, research mode, or remote mode software.
  • Confidence. With over fifty years developing cardiac diagnostic tools, Cardiac Science has the experience required for dependable results.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

3M Transpore Tape

3M Transpore Tape

A latex-free, hypoallergenic, transparent and perforated plastic tape that offers strong adhesion. Transpore tape is easy to tear into very thin strips, and is easy to use even with gloves.We are Selling this adhesive tape at lowest price only at Cheap EKG Paper

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

WelchAllyn 2.5v Diagnostic Set

Welch Allyn 2.5v Diagnostic Set 
introducing the comact porable Diagnostic set from welch allyn. It features both an ophthalmoscope and otoscope built into one compact unit. That makes it the first set designed specifically to make life easier for busy practitioners and if you are an otolaryngologist who is on the go you 'll definitely want to consider the ENT CompacSet.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Benefits Regular Blood Pressure maesurment

Benefits Regular Blood Pressure masurment

If are you suffer from the High Or Low Blood Pressure For long time this is the warning bell for them.

Blood pressure can gift you major Heart Deceases or cardiology Problems in your People who are suffering from the Blood Pressure have to measure their Blood Pressure Level on regular basis so you Know the rating of your Blood Pressure

Burdick EK-10 Non-Interpretive EKG 

Burdick EK -10 Non-Interpretive EKG machine is the one of the best Non Interpretive EKG Machine that proves Its as best Product in the medical history of the EKG machine.The Burdick EK10 offers superior quality; easy to read EKG's; simplified mounting formats and years of dependable performance. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Welch Allyn Instruments

Welch Allyn Instruments
We have  Welch Allyn Instruments Products like..





Batteries, Bulbs, Handles

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Thermometer Products

Thermometer Products

The SureTemp® Plus Model 690 and 692 are portable, battery powered thermistor-based
medical grade thermometers that perform oral, axillary, and rectal measurements using highspeed
prediction modes.
The devices perform a power-on self test (POST) when battery power is applied. POST
checks the internal hardware, and tests the stored calibration values to verify that the factory
calibration is intact. When a thermometer probe is connected, the device reads data from the
probe to determine the type of probe and probe calibration values. The thermometer will go
into Low Power mode when inactive to maximize battery life.
A predict measurement cycle is initiated when a connected thermometer probe is pulled from
the probe well of the device. When the probe is pulled from the probe well the optical probe
detection switch wakes up the microprocessor and a measurement cycle begins. The device
pre-heats the probe tip (Oral and Axillary only) to create a stable thermal environment at the
probe tip. When the tip is applied to the patient the tip heater is turned off. The thermistor value
is monitored by the microprocessor and other internal circuitry. The microprocessor uses
internal modes to process the thermistor data and calculate a patient’s temperature. The
temperature data is then displayed to the user on the LCD. It is also possible to switch the
thermometer to Monitor mode, which displays real-time data from the thermistor.
The Model 692 thermometer includes a backlit LCD for viewing in low ambient light conditions
and a security mode that disables device operation when used outside the programmed
security parameters.



Hear it. With confidence. You spoke, we listened. Our 3M LITTMANN Classic II S.E. Stethoscope
offers improved sound quality and ease-of-use to help you make a clear diagnosis, every time.
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Sony Print Media

Sony Print Media
Reliable feeding The stiffness and friction characteristic of Sony print media are scrupulously matched to the printer to ensure reliable paper feeding. Only the use of Sony print media guarantees this vital compatibility between media and printer. at Cheap EKG Paper

Skin Prep Supplies

Skin Prep Supplies

Skin preparation is the removal of as many bacteria as possible from the patient’s skin through
shaving, mechanical washing and chemical disinfection

  • Reduce the number of microorganisms in the field of operation.
  • Prevent infection. 

Special Considerations:
  • To determine the area to be shaved, know the operation to be done, the organ involved and its location of Skin and the proposed incision.
  • Practice modesty and provide privacy.
  • Ask the patient’s permission in cutting the eyelashes and hair.
  • Examine the area to be shaved for any signs of irritation or any abnormal conditions. Report this to your head nurse.
  • Do not cut the patient’s skin.
  • In abdominal operations, pay particular attention to the umbilicus.
  • Shave the operative site the day or the night before operation.
  • Discard soiled sponges in your kidney basin borrowed from the ward.
  • In shaving, follow the direction of the growth of hair while the free hand exerts an opposite force by pulling the skin to the opposite direction.
  • If a wound is present on the area to be shaved, start from the clean area to the dirty area.

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Physician Scale

Health O Meter 402KL Beam Physicians Scale

402KL mechanical scales from Health-O-Meter are medical beam scales offering 500 lb weighing capacity and professional "Silent Slide" height rod with 24" to 84" measuring range for measuring a patient's height and weight at the same time.  This mechanical physician scale include rotating poise bars which lock in place for weighing in kilograms or pounds.  Choose the 402KL beam scale if you are looking for a strong and durable mechanical scale that can weigh up to 500 pounds with 1/4 pound increments.

Health O Meter 402KL mechanical beam scales are ideal for hospitals, health clinics, offices, homes, or the gym.  Its 500 pound weighing capacity (after 150 lb / 40 kg counterweight which is included), 1/4 pound resolution, and professional "Silent Slide" height rod make it worth spending a little extra for a personal beam scale rather than a standard bathroom scale.

The Healthometer 400 Series mechanical beam scales do require some assembly and we recommend you download the user manual below to see how the column is attached using the 4 pillar nuts and wrench that is included with this mechanical scale.

For those customers that already own a Healthometer Models 400KL, 402KL, 402LB, 402LBCERT and you are looking to purchase just the counter weights to increase weighing capacity from 350lb to 500lb you can purchase them HERE.

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Medical Batteries

 Medical Batteries

Health care is becoming increasingly consumer-driven all over the world and medical devices are finding their way into lives of the general population. Now people are more interested in health care buying decisions than ever before. This welcome trend allows device designers and manufacturers to target directly at patients.

Medical devices look and feel like everyday electronics. Device developers have been offering insulin pumps that look like pagers, monitoring devices that feel like personal digital assistants, and medical electronics on wearable platforms, but people are getting wiser and demanding more. Patients want to minimize the stigma of their reliance on medical technology, and they want their medical devices to have the same kind of design appeal as cell phones. Best thing is that developers added by advices in technology are delivering.

Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive Tapes

Patient Cables and Leads

Patient Cables and Leads

we have best cardiology  Patient Cables and Leads that gives best performance with your cardiology machine. at cheap EKG Paper.



The ECG and EKG Clips is a redesigned solution for your ECG supply needs. The patented mechanism locks on to both snap and tab electrodes, eliminating errors associated with detached clips.  The electrode clip can be easily fitted onto the ECG lead with one hand and no unnecessary pressure on the electrode site. 

EKG Mounts

EKG Mounts

We have best EKG Mounts By all manufecturing companies.Which are better clean, Very good adhesive on them at Cheap EKG Paper

EKG Paper

EKG Paper

The EKG paper is made of a grid of big boxes and small boxes. The EKG paper is made of a grid of big boxes and small boxes. Each big box is 10 mm in length has five small boxes and is 0.20 sec. Each small box is 1 mm and represents 0.04 sec. The EKG paper moves at a standard speed of 25 mm/sec. At standard speed, the heart rate can be determined by either of the following methods.



Carts are the most comman thing at hospitls such perpose like Tests Like EKG Test and ECG test

Exam Tables

Exam Tabes

We have best Examination table for the Docters and also for other medical officers.

Diathermy Equipment

Diathermy Equipment

Diathermy means internal heating where the heat is generated by a direct conversion to heat of some other form of energy passing through the tissues. In the case of surgical diathermy as used in the operating theatre for cutting and coagulating tissue an electric current passes through the body and heat is generated by resistive loss. In short-wave or microwave diathermy as used in the physiotherapy department, heating is caused by the dielectric loss of the tissues when electromagnetic waves pass through (the same effect as used in microwave ovens). Diathermy can also be produced by the absorption of ultrasonic waves, and this effect is also employed in the physiotherapy department.

Sony Medical

Sony Medical

Sony Medical Selling EKG Papers and Printers For Long time. Sony Medical have good experience in this field and it have best price for the cardio Printers and EKG Papers.

Electronic Muscle Stimulators

 Electronic Muscle Stimulators

Muscle stimulation (motor neuron) disorders are characterized by progressive deterioration of the nerves and other structures involved in muscle movement. These disorders develop when motor nerves do not stimulate muscles normally.

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is the most common of these disorders.
  • Typically, muscles are weak and waste away, and movements become stiff, clumsy, and awkward.
  • Doctors base the diagnosis on results of electromyography, magnetic resonance imaging, and blood tests.
  • There is no specific treatment or cure, but drugs can help lessen symptoms.

For normal muscle function, muscle tissue and nerve connections between the brain and muscle must be normal. In muscle stimulation disorders (motor neuron disorders), motor nerves do not stimulate muscles normally. As a result, muscles weaken, waste away (atrophy), and can become completely paralyzed even though the muscles themselves are not the cause of the problem.

Muscle stimulation disorders include amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (the most common), primary lateral sclerosis, progressive pseudobulbar palsy, progressive muscular atrophy, progressive bulbar palsy, and postpolio syndrome. These disorders are more common among men and usually develop in people who are in their 50s. The cause is usually unknown. About 10% of people who have a muscle stimulation disorder have a hereditary type and thus have family members who also have the disorder.

In all of these disorders, the parts of the nervous system involved in muscle movement—including motor nerves in the spinal cord and in other parts of the body and parts of the brain—progressively deteriorate, causing muscle weakness that can progress to paralysis. However, in each disorder, a different part of the nervous system is affected. Consequently, each disorder has different effects. For example, some affect the mouth and throat first, and others affect a hand or foot first or most severely.

Ultrasound Machines

Ultrasound Machines

The applications of ultrasound machines are numerous and commonly used for obstetrics, echocardiography and biopsy just to name a few. Ultrasound Machines is a non-invasive way to provide invaluable valuable medical details compare to traditional tools and diagnosis techniques. In other word, it has greatly helped medicine become safer and more accurate. Here are some common functions of the process.

Ultrasound machines for obstetrics provide invaluable information about a woman’s pregnancy and her growing baby. The ultrasound scanning of uterus can view the baby’s current position, gender and condition. Such procedure can identify the conception date and ensure the fetus is in healthy development. The detailed scanning able to detect any abnormalities in the development of the fetus allowing doctor to make prompt decision for necessary treatment. Amniocentesis, a needle is inserted to take amniotic fluid for analysis cannot be done so easily without the help of ultrasound. Beside, it is effective tool for identifying general health of the baby, position of the placenta, ectopic pregnancy, potential miscarriage as well as early fetal death.

Aside from obstetric reasons, the thyroid gland, breasts bladder, spleen, and eyes for the presence of foreign objects can be detected through ultrasound machine. It is not uncommon tool to check the newborn babies in term of their brain, eye, internal organ such as the appendix and liver. The machine also used during fine needle biopsy procedures. It gives an actual moving image for guiding the needle to reach the specific spot correctly.

Echocardiography is a specific type of ultrasound for heart checking. It can be used to detect congenital heart disease. This may includes complications in the large blood vessels, blood clots in the heart chambers, heart muscle damage or enlargement or cardiomyopathy and pericarditis or inflammation of the pericardium. Echocardiography comes in very handy to identify disorders of heart valves. The velocity of blood flow through the heart indirectly can be measured using Doppler echocardiography. Malfunctioning valves in the case of aortic stenosis and mitral insufficiency ca be detected as well .

The functions of ultrasound procedures are largely depend on the organ to be diagnosed as well as the condition of the patients. Such medical procedure is very simple and quicker than you think. It needs neither special requirements nor special preparations. However, the procedure is advisable to be carried out only by trained medical professional in radiology.