Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Skin Prep Supplies

Skin Prep Supplies

Skin preparation is the removal of as many bacteria as possible from the patient’s skin through
shaving, mechanical washing and chemical disinfection

  • Reduce the number of microorganisms in the field of operation.
  • Prevent infection. 

Special Considerations:
  • To determine the area to be shaved, know the operation to be done, the organ involved and its location of Skin and the proposed incision.
  • Practice modesty and provide privacy.
  • Ask the patient’s permission in cutting the eyelashes and hair.
  • Examine the area to be shaved for any signs of irritation or any abnormal conditions. Report this to your head nurse.
  • Do not cut the patient’s skin.
  • In abdominal operations, pay particular attention to the umbilicus.
  • Shave the operative site the day or the night before operation.
  • Discard soiled sponges in your kidney basin borrowed from the ward.
  • In shaving, follow the direction of the growth of hair while the free hand exerts an opposite force by pulling the skin to the opposite direction.
  • If a wound is present on the area to be shaved, start from the clean area to the dirty area.

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