Tuesday, May 7, 2013

EKG ECG Electrodes

The key to an accurate EKG printout is a clear connection from the body’s internal ionic currents to the EKG machine’s on board computer. The better the connection the more reliable and precise the EKG will be. A key component of this connection are the electrodes placed on the patients body. Medical electrodes  transfer the energy of ionic currents in the body into electrical currents that can be amplified, studied, and used to help make diagnoses.ECG Electrodes use the body’s ionic currents and quantify them to yield an ordinarily non-invasive test for a variety of nervous, muscular, ocular, cardiac, and other types of disorders that might otherwise have required surgical means to verify their presence. There are three main parts to an electrode consisting of a lead, a metal electrode, and electrode-conducting paste or gel for surface electrodes. There is also often a metal snap for the lead to snap into place so that the electrode can be disposable while the lead can be reused. Electrodes can a separated into three main categories: disposable electrodes, reusable disc electrodes, headbands, and saline-based electrodes. 

Biotabs Resting Electrodes 500/Bx

Discount Cardiology is the trusted choice in domestic and international EKG and ECG electrode sales. Discount Cardiology has been one of the top distributors of EKG machines and electrodes for over 25 years. The CEO, has been in the EKG industry for over 30 years and has accumulated an unrivaled and priceless knowledge of the trade. Located in Southern California, Discount Cardiology is at the nucleus of EKG sales and innovation. Discount Cardiology is the number one choice in EKG distributors because of our wide product and brand variety, customer service, and unparalleled prices.
Discount Cardiology has one of the largest selections of EKG machines and electrodes found in the world. Before delving into the vast assortment of companies that Discount Cardiology distributes it is important to understand what exactly an EKG machine is and how electrodes are involved. An EKG is a way to measure and diagnose abnormal rhythms  of the heart, particularly abnormal rhythms caused by damage to the conductive tissue that carries electrical signals, or abnormal rhythms caused by electrolyte imbalances. An EKG device detects and amplifies the tiny electrical changes on the skin that are caused when the heart muscle depolarizes during each heartbeat. This depolarization is detected as tiny rises and falls in the voltage between two electrodes placed  on either side of the heart which is displayed as a wavy line either on a screen or on paper. This display indicates the overall rhythm of the heart and weaknesses in different parts of the heart muscle. Ten electrodes are used for a 12-lead ECG. The electrodes usually consist of a conducting gel, embedded in the middle of a self-adhesive pad onto which cables clip. Sometimes the gel also forms the adhesive. They are labeled and placed on the patient's body. These electrodes essentially tune into the electrical pulses and feed the information to the EKG machine itself. Discount Cardiology sells all types of ecg and ekg leads and EKG Paper. These medical Supplies include Snap Electrodes, Tab Electrodes, Tens Electrodes, Tens Unit Electrodes, ECG Electrodes, EKG Electrodes, Holter Electrodes, Stress Electrodes, and more. Discount Cardiology carried all the major brands for Electrodes like Ambu, Bio-Protech, Unomedical, 3M, Burdick, Conmed, Kendall, Lead-lok, Heartwise, Marquette / G.E. Healthcare, Vermed, Skintact, Nikomed, Biotabs,  and many more.

Kendall Medi-Trace 530 Foam Electrode


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