Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BioNet ECG-3000 Interpretive ECG

BioNet ECG-3000 Interpretive ECG

About BioNet ECG-3000

CardioTouch3000 is a 12-channel ECG with a High Resolution LCD monitor. Through the 320x240 LCD monitor, selectable 3 channels of ECG data trend can be monitored. With this function the user can Print the best chart report, checking if the signal status is stable or not, avoiding waste of paper and time.The operation and setup is easier with touch-screen and rotary key. Also A4 size paper enables the user to file chart reports easily. Pace maker detection. Real- time preview has Memory for up to 30 patients.
Available Accessories

    * Patient Cable & Lead Set
    * 2 Year Extended Warranty

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