Saturday, July 31, 2010

Burdick Eclipse 850 - Interpretive EKG.

Burdick Eclipse 850 - Interpretive EKG.

The machine is absolutely brand new and comes complete with a patient cable, a powercord, a rechargeable battery, a product manual, resting ECG Electrodes, and sample recording paper. Proven in over 10,000 installations, the Eclipse™ 850 ECG delivers high performance in a compact package. With all the functionality of a hospital grade ECG, it is the ideal choice for medical professionals and trianers in either a hospital or physician’s office also,where ECGs are performed unbreakable. An optional communications interface expands the functionality of the Eclipse 850 by adding fax capability as like as a modem or direct interface to computerbased ECG management software. Combining the proven Eclipse 850 medical device with PC storage and retrieval capability gives satisfaction to the doctors all the benefits of a dedicated ECG device with the ability to view and access diagnostic quality ECG tracings from personal computers. Tracings are stored in Adobe, Acrobat, PDF formats compatible with most commercial Electronic Medical Records systems. The Eclipse 850 can also be joined with the Pyramis® ECG management system, providing instant access to information, automativ process of managing information. The Pyramis ECG Management System is a true enterprise wide cardiology information management system. It provides workflow management and integrates disparate patient data from legacy systems into a single, patientcentric, cardiology record.

  • Multi channel ECG recorder within a compact design.
  • Bright, backlite three channel LCD Display.
  • Non interpretive and interpretive modes.
  • Provides Full 8.5" x 11" clear reports.
  • Three, four and six channel report formats also.
  • Full alphanumeric strong keyboard.
  • Single touch button initiation of ECG
  • Battery or AC operation also available.
  • Patient ID#, Age, Sex, Race, Medications, Clinical Classification, Location, Lead Markings and Acquisition parameters annotated on strip.
  • SCP ECG and Fax transmission options.
  • Compatible with the FAA system.
  • Storage option for 40 ECGs
  • Exercise Stress Upgrade options also here.  

Available Accessories :

  • 5 Year Extended Warranty

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