Friday, July 30, 2010

Burdick Quest® Stress System

About Burdick Quest® Stress System :

Space labs Burdick's fully integrated exercise stress system, the Quest, combines innovative touchscreen display technology with leading edge diagnostic capabilities. Also with a 15" color display monitor, users can control the system by just only with one touch the screen to program or select specific functions. Quest even thinks for the users with LogiStep, highlighting the step usually taken next. Burdick Quest is just right for offices looking for value, simplicity, and increased patient throughput. For superior features, durability, and dependability, look no further.
Use the quick connect feature to prep a patient in a different room.Touch the color-coded, pull-down menus right on the screen. Choose from over 15 configurations for 3, 4, or 6 lead reports.Easily correct unintentional phase changes without having to restart the test your patients will appreciate that! You can Customize 20 protocols of your own design in addition to the preprogrammed ones.
Configure the system with a Quinton TM55 or TM65 treadmill and your office will be up and running. Our treadmills are the gold standard in the industry. They are smooth, quiet, and can carry a 500 lb (22 kg) patient. 

Increased patient throughput means more data and Quest has excellent capabilities to help you manage your workload.
Correct patient demographics, edit the test report form, and enter comments as like you wish to use the online editing capabilities.

Heart Centrix is an optional communications package to connect your Quest system to your EMR. With a single sign on within the EMR, you will be able to store and retry unlimited full disclosure reports on your network, and upload test results back to the EMR.
It's easily provide Frequency response,Gain,Display, and Standard performance for ECG.


•  Programmable formats for 3, 4, or 6 channel report.
•  Provides easily use for Touchscreen operations.
•  11 preprogrammed stress protocols.
•  Program up to 20 custom protocols, including RAMP
•  Quiqe  Arrhythmia detection throughout the stress test.
•  ST measurements available during the test.
•  8 user selectable graphs are available for on screen display or printout
•  Effecting ST measurements.
•  Free Software update.
•  Treadmill or Ergometer operation available.

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