Thursday, July 29, 2010

Schiller AT-102 Stress Machine - Special Sale

Schiller AT-102 Stress Machine - Special Sale

2 YEAR WARRANTY. Schiller AT-102 with interpretive resting ECG. Optional PFT and Stress Upgrade. Directly from Schiller with orginial packaging and accessories.

  • Resting ECG
  • Exercise ECG
  • Spirometry 

  • Easy use with direct functional keys
  • 12 channel Resting ECG
  • Perfect Measurements
  • Thrombolysis (optional)
  • Basic measurements automatically calculated for Stress tests easily
  • Serial data transfer for Resting ECG and Spirometry data on Computer.
  • Internal memory available for data storage.
  • A4 formatted printouts on internal or external printer also.
Operating Elements:

  • Integrated 3 channel monitor.
  • Alphanumerical keyboard
  • For the most important function tests Direct function keys.
  • Easy Print Integrated high-resolution, A4 thermal printer, subsequent print-out.
  • Interface for external printer for A4 printouts on regular paper.
  • RS-232 port for peripheral devices as treadmills, bicycles etc.
  • Memory Saving possibility up to 60 patients.
  • Interface for data-transmission.
 Spirometry :

  • Unique disposable sensor SP-250 minimizes the risks.
  • Simple and fast calibration
  • All inspiratory and exspiratory tests are just like pre and post medication tests
  • Storable and selectable predicted value tables.
  • Real time curves and measurement informations display on the large preview screen.
Available Accessories :

  • Exercise Treadmill & Controller.
  • Interpretive Resting ECG Software.
  • Spirometry.

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