Friday, July 30, 2010

Burdick LEi II - Interpretive EKG

Burdick LEi II - Interpretive EKG :

The hardworking solution for your everyday ECG demands available here.
Simple, intuitive operation with an impressive ranges of features to make the Eclipse LEi II an excellent choice for everyday ECG operation. Available with computerized interpretation, the full sized reports ,eliminate mounting time and costs. The full sized and numerical strong keyboard allows you to enter patient informations in the reports. And it's upgradable to exercise stress, allowing you to add another procedure to your practice at low price, In which you can afford.Automatic or manual operational LCD screen with menu selections.Full page reports eliminate mounting cards Baseline Stabilization filter eliminates baseline wander AC od battery operation Exercise stress. High resolution thermal printer Customized reports for individual needs.

  • Multi channel interpretive ECG recorder available.
  • Provide Full 8.5" x 11" reports.
  • Full alphanumeric strong keyboard.
  • LCD screen: 2 x 40 alphanumeric
  • Patient ID#, Age, Sex, Medications, Clinical Classification, Location, Lead Markings and Acquisition parameters are also available.
  • Three, four or six channel report formats.
  • Upgradable to Exercise Stress 
 Available Accessories :
  • 5 Year Extended Warranty

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