Saturday, September 4, 2010

3M Red Dot Electrode 2237

3M Red Dot Electrode 2237 :

3M's electrodes are made of the highest quality materials, to exacting standards for increased performance and reliability. All of 3M's electrodes are made to comply with industry standards to ensure that their electrodes will perform under all monitoring conditions.

Features : 
  • 4.4cm diameter
  • Foam,Solid Gel
  • 1000/cs (sold by the case) 
  • Use in ER, OR, Stress Test, Cardiac Rehab, and Echo-Cardio departments.  
  • Tear drop style allows for easy removal of the Electrode.
  • Foam backing is comfortable for patients, occlusive to fluids, and easy to handle for quick applications.
  • Patented solid gel penetrates the skin quickly allowing high quality, uninterrupted traces. 
  • The gel is low chloride content minimizes skin irritation for increased patient comfort.

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