Friday, September 3, 2010

Philips PageWriter Trim III EKG

Philips PageWriter Trim III EKG :

Does your organization store ECGs in a central management system? Or do you network with cardiologists who overread ECGs and provide second opinions? Then PageWriter Trim III is for you. This proven performer supports the reporting, storage, and transmission of 12-lead ECG data using industry standard XML. You can connect directly to Philips TraceMasterVue ECG Management System.  ECGs can be transmitted anywhere at anytime allowing you instant, secure access to patient reports.  The PageWriter Trim III cardiograph represents the ultimate in compact, cost-effective cardiograph solutions from Philips. More than simply an easily transportable and interpretive ECG system, the PageWriter Trim III combines ease-of-use features with a high-resolution full-color display and exceptional flexibility to meet the needs of fast-paced clinical environments. All Philips, HP, and Agilent ECGs are of the highest quality thanks to AC noise filtering and baseline wander correction.  And all traces are printed on a continuous-feed, digital-array printer for crisp, easy-to-read ECGs on standard paper size.  So there is no cutting or pasting.  Plus records are clearly labeled with ECG data and patient information, as well as automatic measurement and analysis for adult and pediatric patients alike.

Features : 
  • Easy-to-use
  • high-resolution 6.5-inch color screen
  • Intuitive Patient Interface Module
  • Multiple options to streamline information sharing including modem, USB, wired LAN or wireless 802.11 encrypted connectivity

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