Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Welch Allyn CP 200 Resting ECG

This new multichannel electrocardiograph is flexible enough to work in any setting and cost effective.  This is an easy to use device that is designed using Welch Allyn's proprietary technology.  It makes taking an electrocardiograph a snap.  It has an intuitive design and advanced software features.  This adds up to more efficiency and speed in your practice when you are administering patient tests or managing patient information.  The CP 200 comes with alphanumeric keyboard and LCD display, advanced filters for optimal ECG trace quality, customizable report formats and battery operation.  It also connects to many leading EMRs through the Welch Allyn CardioPerfect Workstation Software.  In addition to these features the CP 200 comes with a large color ECG waveform preview screen, increased storage for of ECG information, and dedicated function keys for common tasks.  There is also an optional spirometry model.  This lets you use this platform for two different tests thereby maximizing your efficiency. The electrocardiograph is one of the tools that clinicians use to evaluate, diagnose, and monitor patient cardiac function. The 12-lead ECG interpretive algorithm provides a computer-generated analysis of potential patient cardiac abnormalities which must be confirmed by a physician with other relevant clinical information. The optional spirometry module is indicated for use in clinical situations to assess a patient's pulmonary health status and evaluate symptoms, signs, or abnormal laboratory test results.

Features :
  • Full alphanumeric keyboard and LCD display for fast and easy entry of information
  • Advanced filters for optimal ECG trace quality ensure accurate readings
  • Customizable report formats allow you to print information the way you need 
  • Battery operation lets you easily transport your device to the patient
  • Instant-on feature powers the device up quickly so you can take an ECG quickly
  • 12-lead non-interpretive resting ECG which includes accurate ECG measurements
  • Optional MEANS ECG interpretation software offers a second opinion
  • Help feature gives you patient education tools and answers system operation questions
  • Uses SD cards for mass ECG data storage or to transfer data to software or an EMR
  • Dedicated function keys speed access to common actions
  • Store up to 50 ECGs and 50 spirometry tests for later review and editing of patient data and interpretation
  • Use Schedule Test mode to enter all patient information in at the beginning of the day so you can use your time more efficiently
  • Administrative functions with password log-on controls to support HIPAA compliance
  • Optional hardwired direct connection to Welch Allyn CardioPerfect Workstation
Available Accessories :
  • CP 200 Interpretive Upgrade
  • CP 200 Spirometry Upgrade

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