Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bio ProTech Foam Electrode

Bio ProTech Foam Electrode :

Bio Protech Inc. produces ECG electrodes called \'Telectrodes\', which are used for various ECG tests. It uses an Ag or AgCl sensing element and Hydro-gel for adhesion.  These are excellent components for sensitive monitoring. Hydro-gel’s main advantage is one of minimizing movement artifacts by increasing the bond between the skin and the sensing element. Telectrodes are applicable to most ECH fields. An Ag or AgCl sensing element has the best sensitivities and the solid adhesive hydro-gel has very low impedance.  Most importantly, the adhesive gel stocks both the skin of the patient and to the sensing element, so that movement artifacts can be significantly lowered. In addition, dirty residue from the foam will not be left on the patient's skin after use.

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