Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cardioline AR1200adv Interpretive ECG machine

AR1200adv and AR1200 view combines multiple levels of performance in a multichannel 
ECG recording with all the features of reliability, modularity, versatility and
upgradability that characterize the latest generation of CARDIOLINE® 
electrocardiographs. Efficient and fast control of the recording quality thanks to 
the multichannel graphic display able to visualize the ECG signal before and during 
a recording with no need to print out immediately on paper.

Safe and easy wireless connection
thanks to the IR digital interface. 

User friendly interface
the liquid crystal display and a simplified set of alphanumeric keys ensure quick and trouble free use under any conditions, and dependable ECG examination and patient management.
Features :
  • Automatic, manual and pre-programmed recording mode.
  • Multi-channel print format on 120 mm paper: 3, 3+R, 6 channels.
  • Dual power supply: mains and rechargeable internal batteries.
  • Memory of the last ECG recording and printing of additional copies.
  • Time and date indication.
  • Full LCD Display type for ECG real time 3, 6 channels
  • Full alphanumeric keyboard layout  
All CARDIOLINE ECGs are compact, lightweight and have dual power supplies so they are truly portable and come with a 2 year full parts and labor warranty so their reliability is guaranteed. 

Available Accessories : 
  • Patient Cable & Lead Set
  • AR1200view Full Keyboard & LCD Display Upgrade
  • 2 Year Extended Warranty

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