Monday, August 2, 2010

ExTOL™ Exercise Stress System

ExTOL™ Exercise Stress System :

The product is brand new. All Spacelabs Burdick ExTOL™ systems feature for your choice. One of our four sophisticated multi channel electrocardiographs, an easy to use the monitor and the whisper quiet T600 treadmill. Spacelabs Burdick's ExTOL™ exercise stress testing systems also feature ST segment analysis with adjustable measurement point, preprogrammed or custom protocols, and a highly advanced RAMPING protocol offering a workload approach to traditional exercise tolerance testing.The Spacelabs Burdick ExTOL™ Exercise Stress Systems can also provide you sophisticated resting ECG technology and a comprehensive array of stress testing capabilities. 


·    Preprogrammed, custom and RAMPING protocols available.
·    12 lead ST analysis.
·    Automatic or manual operations can be done easily. 
·    Resting ECGs also.
·      It's Provides comprehensive final reports
·    High resolution tracings 
·    Treadmill or Ergometer operation.
·    Electrocardiographs available in interpretive and non interpretive both models.

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