Thursday, August 5, 2010

Banyan Stat Kit 700

Banyan Stat Kit 700 :

The Stat Kit 700 is the best choice for you if you already have oxygen, resuscitation and suction equipment in your office. You now have 23 different drugs, with the option of purchasing two additional ACLS drugs. The Banyan Stat Kit 700 gives you equipment to start treatment on virtually any emergency associated for a medical practice. And like the Stat Kit 900, you do not have to remember to inspect the kit for missing or out of date items. Banyan always sends quarterly Updates Notifications that includes an easy to use Reorder Form. It has 16 lbs Weighs.
According to the fact that there are narcotics in these kits, whenever you order the Stat Kit 700. 
If you are an existing Stat Kit owner, you have the opportunity to upgrade your current Stat Kit to the new tray and all medications. This upgrade will replace your two drug trays with the one foam tray. Available also is the additional ACLS drug package containing Amiodarone and Vasopressin.


  • According to the result of both technology and emergency procedures, Banyan's kit has evolved into the current line of Stat Kit models 700 and 900.
  • These kits also allow you the option of purchasing additional ACLS drugs to make your Banyan Stat Kit the most comprehensive kit we have offered you.
  • It provides Drugs Priffiled Syringes, Drugs Amupules additional Vials, Drugs Miscellaneous, I.V.Equipment, also Safety Syringes with Needles, Resuscitation Equipment, Surgical Instruments,Monitoring Equipment, Organizaional Materials, and it also provides Optical ACLS Packages.
  • Optional Pediatric modifications also available here.

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