Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cardioline ELAN ECG

Cardioline ELAN ECG :

The Cardioline ELAN ECG is designed for use in cardiovascular diagnostics; an instrument for the acquisition and printing of ECG traces, but also for the transmission of clinical data to and from information systems via diverse communications channels: via serial port to a local PC, via LAN to a network of PCs, via PSTN/GSM/Satellite Modem to a remote PC.
The ELAN is a 3, 6 or 12 Channel Interpretive ECG, which prints on 8.5"x11" Full Page size Z-Fold Paper. It has a full alphanumeric keyboard and a large 3 .63" Tall x 4.75" Wide LCD Screen which can display 3, 6 or 12 ECG Leads. The ELAN has an internal ECG storage capacity of 100 ECGs and NI-MH(Nickel-Metal Hydride) internal rechargeable batteries for a faster, longer lasting charge. It has unmatched connectivity - RS232 PC connection, LAN connection, Fax, Internet, Modem and a PCMCIA slot(just like your laptop) for added ECG storage, wireless connection and other options. ELAN is the perfect ward electrocardiograph, simple to use and ready-to-go, but with highly innovative performance and communication capabilities. ELAN, with innovative performance features and communication abilities, is the complete solution for Primary Care and Cardiology Clinics, from rest ECG to the integrated management of Stress Test and PC networking with clinic data management.

Includes :
  • The ECG signal is acquired and digitized to the most severe standards in compliance with  ANSI-AAMI recommendations
  • The digital filters are all implemented as FIR linear filters, producing the lowest distortion of signal morphology
  • The high resolution thermal printer on 210 mm Z-fold paper delivers high  quality reports which always include patient data, standard ECG measurements, a manual or automatic diagnosis and a customizable header-(Clinic name or Hospital name, Doctor, etc.)
  • The large backlit LCD 240x320 pixel screen, displays the ECG, the essential recording parameters, the operative and alarm messages and the current heart rate
  • With the display and using the rotary knob button, interaction with the instrument is simple and intuitive: with a single key you can modify all the display and print parameters, using the START button the ECG recording is started in the mode selected
  • The ECG trace on screen can be "frozen" for later analysis, archived in SCP format in the internal memory of the instrument and eventually transmitted
  • Stored ECGs can be transmitted via the serial port to a local PC, via LAN to a network of PCs, via an optional PSTN/GSM/Satellite Modem 
  • The instrument can be connected directly to a PC with the use of the CARDIOLINE REAL TIME PC-ECG Software option. 

Optional Cardioline Real Time PC-ECG Management Software Option :

The new CARDIOLINE Real Time PC-ECG Management Software Program is designed to run on standard Personal Computers running Windows 95/98/NT/2000. CARDIOLINE Real Time allows the CARDIOLINE ELAN to work in combination with a PC to display ECG traces on the PC monitor, operate the ELAN by remote control using the mouse and keyboard of the PC, store ECGs on the PC hard drive along with patient data and physician's comments, retrieve and compare previous ECGs, print ECGs on plain paper with a Laserjet printer in user-selectable ECG printout formats and transmit ECGs by Email, fax or modem. The CARDIOLINE Real Time PC - ECG Management Software converts your CARDIOLINE ELAN ECG into a 12 channel PC ECG.

Available Accessories :
  • 5 Year Extended Warranty
  • PC-ECG Management Software

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