Sunday, August 22, 2010

Midmark IQstress™

Midmark IQstress™ :

The IQstress™ system from Midmark is an affordable, easy-to-use system that combines sophisticated cardiac testing with straightforward features aimed at increasing the time you spend with your patients. The IQstress system includes a lightweight, digital ECG, integrated stress analysis software, stress cart and a medical grade treadmill.

Features :
  • Everything is just a click away with a user-friendly, one-level menu. 
  • Customizable user profiles make procedure setup fast and easy.
  • Quick access to customized test protocols, measurement parameters, display formats and reports
  • Seven protocols preprogrammed to begin testing immediately, including the Bruce and Modified Bruce
  • Easily review up to four stress tests for side-by-side comparison of a patient’s progress
  • Correct, ergonomic patient testing orientation
  • Summarize and review test results with detailed rhythm strips and averaged beats immediately after the test is completed, either locally or from any network
  • The medical grade treadmill is reliable, quiet and runs smoothly for assured patient comfort

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