Monday, August 2, 2010

GE MAC 1200 Resting ECG System

GE MAC 1200 Resting ECG System :

The MAC® 1200 Standard System is 12 lead electrocardiograph with screen. It performs rhythmic, arrhythmia detection or 12 lead analysis using GE Medical System's recognized industry standard 12SL™ algorithm. Optional networking modem allows you for connectivity to our cardiology information system. FAA Upgradeable! We shall Beat Any Price In The Country. The MAC 1200 ST is in a basic version a resting ECG system whose true one button operation makes it especially suitable for daily use in private practice and emergency medicines or hospitals also. The standard built in battery provides for mobile use anytime and anywhere. An extra-ordinary feature is the independent battery operation together with the electrode application system joined with device integrated suction pump. The MAC 1200 ST has a best graphic display screen where the 12 leads can be displayed quickly in 3 lead sequences easily.

Features :
  • Interpretation software available.
  • Networking to the cardiology information system for over work management and post editing
  • 3 Channel display screen for easy displaying and equipment setup
  • Full sized paper format for easy printing, one click button operation printing of tracings
  • Easy to clean, numerical keyboard for patient's data entry.
  • Multi link front end Patient Module for ease of use and more effective maintenance also.
  • Improved Pacemaker Detection Technology also available.
  • New Gender Specific Criteria for detection of Acute MI in Women.
Available Accessories :
  • Patient Cable & Lead Set.
  • 2 Year Extended Warranty.
  • ECG Storage & Communications Modem.

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