Sunday, August 22, 2010

Banyan Stat Kit 900

Banyan Stat Kit 900 :

The Stat Kit 900 is the most extensively equipped Banyan kit. It is the ideal system for the doctor who needs oxygen, resuscitator, and suction. You now have 23 different drugs, with the option of purchsing two additional ACLS drugs. This kit gives you equipment to start treatment on virtually any emergency associated with a medical practice. And like the Stat Kit 700, you do not even have to remember to inspect the kit for missing or out-of-date items. Banyan always sends quarterly Update Notifications that includes an easy-to-use Reorder Form. Weighs 28 lbs. 
Although larger than the Stat Kit 700, the Stat Kit 900 is portable at 28 pounds. With our newly redesigned foam tray protection, all drug contents are cushioned snugly in place. If you are a current Stat Kit owner, you might want to consider upgrading your existing Stat Kit to include the new foam tray and all standard components. You might also want to consider the optional ACLS drug package which contains two vials each of Amiodaraone and Vasopressin. 
The oxygen Stress system has a preset flow rate for speed of setup and administration. It is preset to deliver a minimum of 8 Liters per Minute for approximately 30 minutes. The medical "C" spun aluminum cylinder is easily refilled at oxygen supply houses. The pediatric Ambu SPUR disposable resuscitator is one of the most popular selling disposable manual resuscitators. There is no sterilization and no difficulty in assembly or loss of components. It connects easily to the oxygen system. 
NOTE: The Adult Ambu Bag has been removed from the Pediatric Stat Kit 900. The manual suction unit included in the Stat Kit 900 is compact, with a reusable pump handle. The disposable container and catheter traps more than 200 mL, quickly suctioning fluids from the nose and mouth. The disposable container is easily sealed and discarded.

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