Monday, August 2, 2010

GE MAC 5000 Resting ECG System-Call For Pricing

GE MAC 5000 Resting ECG System-Call For Pricing  :

This manual contains the instructions necessary to operate the MAC 5000 system in accordance with its function and intended use. The MAC® 5000 Resting ECG System delivers the exta capabilities that only the industry's the most extensive collection of proven algorithms can offers. And it is part of our suite of networked, noninvasive testing solutions designed to maximize through put and the capability of product. The MAC 5000 provides us the sophisticated requirement for advanced ECG applications, while it is easy for use to extends this degree of performance to the broadest range of users possibality.
Advanced algorithm capabilities include true, 12 lead ECG computer analysis and interpretation, P-wave signal averaging, late potential analysis, ACI-TIPI, and new Gender Specific criteria also available as a part of 12SLTM. The MAC 5000 system uniquely delivers seamless connectivity to the Catalyst MUSE Cardiology Information System for data saving capability and retrieval of ECGs. Combine this connectivity with the performance of the MAC 5000 system and you have to got the ultimate resting ECG system. The GE MAC 5000 Resting ECG System-Call For Pricing  is new branded and complete with a patient cable, a powercord, a rechargeable battery, a product manual, resting ECG Electrodes, and sample recording paper also.

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