Thursday, August 5, 2010

Midmark IQmark™ EZ Stress System

Midmark IQmark™ EZ Stress System :

The IQmark EZ Stress is easy to buy and use. It utilizes the latest computer technology and Microsoft® Windows® platform to provide a cost effective stress test system that fits every physician’s practice and also trainers. The IQstress™ system from Midmark is an affordable, easyto operate this system that combines sophisticated cardiac testing with straightforward features aimed at increasing the time you spend with your patients. The IQstress system includes a lightweight, Digital ECG, integrated stress analysis software, stress cart and a medical grade treadmill also.

Features :

  • Everything is just on one click with a user friendly, one level menu.
  • Customizable user profiles make procedure setup very fast and easy.
  • Quick access to customized test protocols, measurement parameters, display formats and reports also.
  • Seven protocols preprogrammed to begin testing immediately, including the Bruce and Modified Bruce.
  • Easily review till four stress tests for side by side comparison of a patient’s progress.
  • Correct ergonomic patient testing orientation
  • It gives averaged beats immediately after the test is completed, either locally or from any network
  • The medical grade treadmill is reliable, quiet and runs smoothly.

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