Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mac 3500 resting ECG analysis system

MAC 3500 is designed to provide a new high value performance electrocardiograph for MD offices, clinics, and small- to medium-sized hospitals. As part of the MAC family of products, it will include many of the distinctive features found in previous MAC products – common user interface and operation. MAC is recognized as one of the hardest-working resting ECG systems in the industry. With a trusted reputation for innovation. And a track record for performance. The new MAC 3500 upholds that name and everything it implies. The MAC 3500 provides you with important fundamentals a proven suite of ECG analysis algorithms and applications – scaled to fit your needs, so there is no additional expense for features you do not require. With the MAC 3500, you get the strength of our clinicallyproven Marquette ECG analysis programs. It is the same technology that is found throughout our family of premier ECG analysis systems, providing you with consistent measurement and interpretation.

Features :
  • 12-lead ECG recorder with ECG analysis 
  • Flexible and scalable  
  • Common MAC 5500 user interface
  • Integrated ECG acquisition module
  • Integated pump for KISS system
  • Pacemaker detection and pacer spike display 
  • Gold standard algorithms - 12SL ECG Analysis
  • CT Data guard: additional data fields and data safety features for CRO customers 
  • Hookup-Advisor for optimal ECG-Signals
  • Internal storage of 50 ECGs, archive on SD-card 
  • Communication with data management via LAN or wireless network         

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