Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ReadyMyHeart 100

ReadyMyHeart 100 :

Did you know? Heart related diseases kill more than all the cancers combined. 
They are called the silent killer also, just as you may not have any symptoms until the heart attack. You may feel discomfort sometimes, but after sometime you visit the clinic, the symptoms are gone.
Eating healthy food and exercising are key in preventing the heart diseases. However, there are still many risk factors you can not control, example: age, ethnicity, or gender so check your heart-health regularly.
Early detection will give your doctor more choices to treat the heart diseases and it will save time, money and even a life also. Monitoring blood pressure is important, but directly measuring your heart’s activities bring you one step closer in the detection of heart diseases. With ReadMyHeart , you can record your heart's electrical activities in just 25 seconds, The key parameters view on the LCD screen, and later print the trends in heart activities to help your physician to detect CardioVascular Diseases.
Monitoring heart rhythms is made easy, as like ReadMyHeart is a palm sized device, which can take measurements at any time,any place, whether it is while you are eating in a restaurant, after you done exercise.
Enytime your heart beats generates small electrical impulses. If different parts of your heart are not synchronized or if one of the valves is overgrowing, the electricity will not be conducted the same way. ReadMyHeart lets you can measure those signals by simply applying your thumbs on the buttons for 30 seconds.
ReadMyHeart is hassle free. The LCD displays the key for your heart parameters, blinks if they are out of range and stores up to 30 records. ReadMyHeart machine aslo Downloads the records on your computer to easily monitor the trend in your heart health with the included software, then print the numbers and trend for your next doctor’s consultation.
ReadMyHeart functions like a personal cardiogram and it is available to you anytime,anywhere. With ReadMyHeart, It never miss a heartbeat and help your doctor to detect your heart disease.

Available Accessories :

  • ReadyMyHeart 250 ECG Tracing Software Upgrade

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