Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nihon Kohden Stress ECG 1550A Cardiofax V

Nihon Kohden Stress ECG 1550A Cardiofax V :

The feature rich Nihon Kohden CardioFaxV Interpretive ECG 1550A is a high ended with hospital quality ECG cart. The large high resolution touch screen for easy to use interface for data entry. The 1550A is available as a standard 12 lead electrocardiograph, but stress testing can be added as an optional along with a Full Vision Trackmaster treadmill and SunTech auto blood pressure unit with SpO2. Another option is 15 lead electrocardiography which use for close look at the left descending circumflex coronary artery is it wraps around the bottom and back of the heart. The 1550A also includes vectorcardiography, along with origin of ECG forces information. The system stores five minutes of full disclosure ECG data so the users can review and choose the best representative sample of ECG for the report. This is a valuable feature when dealing with non-compliant patients as is typically the case in pediatrics. The internal rechargeable battery adds to the versatility of the unit when used as both a roaming ECG cart and when required for treadmill stress testing. Communication capabilities include LAN, wireless LAN and USB outputs. Bar coding is also available. Two memory card slots allow for the storage of up to 6,000 resting ECG’s on inexpensive SD cards.


·   Swivel screen:- 12.1 inch touch panel TFT LCD with swivel screen lets you can change the screen angle to the best viewing position.
·   Same size display image and printout:- The screen display and waveforms are the same as the printout size. It provides the display has grid lies just like the recording paper.
·   Large 5 minute memory:- The most recent five minutes of all lead ECG waveforms can be stored in memory. This increases the chance to record important data. To save data, you can select, analyze and print just the necessary region from 5 minute full disclosure.
·   Serial comparison:- Average waveforms in the latest 5 exams can be compared in the same screen. You can know the changes in time series basis.
·   Communication capability:- Approximately 400 patients x 10 seconds of 12 lead ECG wave and patient information can be stored. Approximately 2,500 patients x 10 seconds of 12 lead ECG wave and patient information can be stored on a QM-040V flash disk card. Stored data can be transferred to PC via QM-040V or LAN/ Wireless LAN interface with optional QB-903E ECG viewer software.
·   Built-in recorder or Paperless model: ECG-1500K , ECG-1550K.

Available Accessories :

  • Treadmill.
  • Cart.

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