Friday, August 27, 2010

MAC 5500 resting ECG analysis system

MAC 5500 Designed for high volume ECG environments, MAC 5500 offers a complete suite of advanced ECG Analysis programs. Combined with MobileLink wireless ECG workflow solutions, MAC 5500 helps you capture, analyze and communicate ECG data with greater speed and confidence. The MAC 5500 system offers a comprehensive suite of ECG interpretation and analysis programs. Its array of arrhythmia and chest pain tools allow you to address a wider range of disease management needs. Make more efficient treatment decisions. And use invasive tests more judiciously. Since 1980, the easy-to-use MAC 5500 system has been fortified with continuous innovation. Its collection of advanced analysis programs and risk assessment tools also deliver clinical accuracy, validity and performance across a diverse range of patient populations.

Features :
  • Ethernet and wireless networking option saves time, reduces errors and maximizes charge capture 
  • Hook-up advisor minimizes editing time and repeat ECG acquisitions 
  • Single button operation for printing, storage and transmission
  • Bar code scanner helps reduce clerical errors (optional) 
  • 12SL ECG Analysis program with Gender-Specific software
  • 15-Lead ECG Analysis 
  • Risk stratification tools such as ACI-TIPI, Late Potential P-Wave Signal Averaging in option
  • Optional stress testing capabilities
Includes SD Card reader and internal modem also available.

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