Thursday, August 12, 2010

Quinton 4500 stress test machines (refurbished)

Quinton 4500 stress test machines (refurbished)  :

Freeze half of the screen while the other half displays live ECG data.
Up to 7 user definable treadmill and 3 user-definable ergometer protocols, each with a resting stage and up to 99 exercise stages. High-resolution thermal chart recorder produces quality reports ready for signature.
Oversize softtouch exercise device controls permit dedicated treadmill or bicycle Ergometer operation.
Paper tray neatly stacks chart paper as it is printed during the test. Menu, entry, and control functions are easily accessible on the removable PC-compatible keyboard. System includes Q55 treadmill, console, all inter-connect cables, one year warranty. Most popular stress test system in the secondary market. Small and computer-like. 
Specifications Frequency Response: 0.05 to 100 Hz., Lead Group: Standard 12-lead, Frank leads, Canadian, Cornell 12-lead, Cabrera Sequence, ECG Simulator: ECG signals for 14 electrode sites, programmable heart rate and PVC’s, CRT Screen Content: Three ECG channels, realtime graphs and alphanumeric data., Size: 14” diagonal, Type: High-resolution monochrome raster scan, Memory Span: 8 seconds of ECG Freeze Feature: Split screen format with oldest four seconds of ECG frozen, Protocols: 3 resident protocols: Bruce, Manual, and Astrand. Infinite number of user-programmable protocols, each with up to 99 stages and warm up or cool down, Dimensions: 59 x 24 x 31 inches. 150 x 61 x 79 cm, Weight: 142 lbs, 65 kg.

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