Wednesday, August 4, 2010

IQMark Diagnostic PDA

IQMark Diagnostic PDA :

The latest software product in the IQmark family elevates your ECG capabilities for a new, more efficient and effective levels of portability, cost savings and efficient for patients.
When you use the IQmark™ Digital ECG, the new IQmark PDA lets you run hundreds of ECGs in a Pocket PC-based device like the Compaq iPAQ® without any need and expense of transporting a large ECGMachine cart from here to there and room to room.The IQmark PDA is perfect for use in the office, clinics and medical centers just like for remote and emergency situations. You can evaluate live ECGs on the LCD screen, then you can simply click on Save button for automatically save the ECGs. Managing the ECG is very easy. Simply connect with  the PDA device to its docking station and the IQmark Sync will automatically transfer the saved ECGs from the PDA device to the IQmark Diagnostic Work-station for interpretation, measurements, editing and printing. IQmark Sync also works with Infrared and wireless network connectivity also.

Benefits :
  • Capabality to store hundreds of ECGs of the patients.
  • Works with Microsoft® Pocket PC of 2002.
  • Small pocket size PDA.
  • Download tests via standard docking station, IR or wireless network to the IQmark Diagnostic Workstation for interpretation, editing, storage and management is also available. 
Available Accessories :
  • 5 Year Extended Warranty.

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