Friday, August 13, 2010

Philips PageWriter XLi Interpretive EKG Machine

Philips PageWriter XLi Interpretive EKG Machine :

Our advanced interpretive cardiograph is the right choice for research or clinical care. Philips HP PageWriter XLi EKG Machine The HP Pagewriter XLi provides 12-lead ecg, full page printouts, interpretation, large fold away preview screen, and much more. This is one of the highest selling hospital grade EKG machines in history. The PageWriter XLi is the flagship of our PageWriter series. This interpretive, real-time cardiograph delivers a comprehensive array of powerful innovations to help you read, analyze, transmit, store, report on, and share ECG information. All ECGs reports are of the highest quality, thanks to AC noise filtering and baseline wander correction. And all traces are printed on a continuous-feed, digital-array printer for crisp, easy-to-read ECGs on standard page sizes. So there's no cutting or pasting. Plus, records are clearly labeled with ECG data and patient information, as well as automatic measurement and analysis for adult and pediatric patients alike. Whether you are a clinician caring for patients or a researcher conducting a study, the HP PageWriter XLi gives you everything you need to do your job. Besides conventional 12-lead EKGs, this cardiograph offers Hewlett-Packard's optional ACI-TIPI program to predict the probability of acute cardiac ischemia. Plus, it can print optional vector loop reports, SAECG reports, and EKG reports in a variety of useful formats.

Available Accessories :
  • 5 Year Extended Warranty

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