Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Q Stress Cardiac Machine

 Q Stress Cardiac Machine :
Quinton Q-Stress cardiac stress testing system.
The Quinton Q-Stress is as like as gold of  hospital industry's. The PC-based cardiac stress system, winner of multiple awards is now in its ninth generation. Q-Stress, the eighth generation Quinton stress system, takes cardiac exercise testing to a new level of performance. With our up to 40 years of technical and clinical leadership, we have tailored Q-Stress to offer extensive customization designed to meet your needs.
·   Latest software enhancements include risk scoring, full disclosure, procedure reanalysis, freeze frame, and more
·   Clinical capabilities include ECG full disclosure and archive, intest ECG review, automaticaly patient risk-scoring, Dynamic ST display,Eectopic beat capture, and much more
·   Advanced connectivity alternatives include Q-Exchange, Networking, EMR, and IS options
·   Ease to use via simple controls and lists, efficient reporting, automaticaly record export, customization, and a Windows based environment
·   Delivers superior trace quality and system reliability
·   Storage capacity for tens of thousands of procedure reports.
·   Interfaces to the TM 55/65 treadmills
SunTech Tango blood pressure monitor
Works with the Q-Stress system to automatically measure and display a patient's systolic and diastolic BP along with heart rate during the test. Makes use of SunTech's proprietary Dimensional K-Sound Analysis a result of SunTech's pioneering work in 24-hour ambulatory BP monitoring.
·   Dimensional K-Sound Analysis
·   Interfaces to Q-Stress
·   Real-Time Wave Form Display
·   Historical Tabular Data
·   Automatic or Manual Settings
·   Simplified Patient Preparation
Stress Echo Bed from Medical Positioning
When a cardiac impaired patient cannot walk treadmill, but Echo images are desired, a thorough evaluation can still be conducted via the MPI Stress-Echo Bed. Supine ergometry can detect ischemia and provoke symptoms at lower heart rates.
·   Integrated Ergometer Control
·   MultiModality Stress Echo and resting studies
·   Dual Drop Sections - Apical Access and Superior Ergonomics
·   Highest Patient Weight Capacity

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