Friday, August 6, 2010

Dr. Lee 310A Interpretive EKG

Dr. Lee 310A Interpretive EKG :
The Most Economical Interpretive Machine On The Market Today.

Accurate Analysis :

The Dr. Lee 310A Interpretive EKG machine is absolutely brand new and comes complete with a powercord, a rechargeable battery, and a product manual.This EKG Machine Based on the micro computer analysis including pediatric and post stress ECG against resting ECG, ECG-310A is provide for those users who demand the best to produce high rankings products for automatic diagnostic. Concise reporst of detailed measurement and interpretation acts as quick reference for the physician's in deep analysis. To assure the accuracy of interpretation and clear ECG prints, digital filters AC power interference, muscle tremor and baseline wandering. Thermal array printer technology provides clear and sharp ECG traces and numeric patient data to read easily.

Cost Effective Performance :

ECG-310A has all the high qualities for best performance and it is inexpensively priced with 6 channel performance. After an ECG acquisition of 12 lead has been completed simultaneously, the captured ECG data can be print repeatedly  in the printout multi formats without a patient. Care in production and attention to design make the ECG-310A both are reliable and low maintenance also.

State of The Art Technology :

Comprehensive ECG data is printed with automaticaly optimum gain and baseline adjustment at the one touch of the key. ECG-310A checks and inform to user the empty paper, printer open, improper electrode contact, low battery level automatically. A simple numerical strong keypad and on screen instructions make operation easy to learn and easy to enter patient's information for physician's consideration. The rechargeable battery powered, compact design and lightweight ECG-310A ensures true portability. To ensure maximum patient safety, ECG-310A is engineered to meet type CF according to IEC601-1 standard.

Available Accessories :
  • 5 Year Extended Warranty.

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